Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 16 - Putting the Horse Before the Cart

Before I talk about my writing, I must give a shout out to John Hayes. His new blog, The Days of Wine and Roses, brings poetry back to its rightful place - front and centre. I am thrilled, and I wish him all the best.

Now, as for my writing: I had almost convinced myself that waiting until late in the evening was the best way for me to write. I don't know what gave me that idea. I am most decidedly not a night person. Having fallen asleep on the job a couple of times, I finally decided to try something different. When I finished work today, I felt exhausted, but Robin wanted to go for a walk, so that's what we did. We parked the car down by the supermarket and walked along the waterfront. It was a mite nippy out, and as we started to walk, the wind came up, so we both donned the chin straps for our Tilley hats and walked downwind.

Along the way, I took a leaf out of Reya Mellicker's book by taking some pictures in the dark. It was a mixed experience. (Reya makes it look so easy!) First, I saw a fishing boat named  Ivory Gull. It was such a lonely sight, it stopped me in my tracks, so I photographed it. I only hope you can see it.

Then I remembered the blue lights that the City had put up all over the parking lot by Swy-a-Lana Lagoon. That's where the park is, the one where I took pictures of my grandbabies in the playground, and where the statue of Black Frank is. The lights are very striking, and I hope they become a permanent fixture.

When we got tired of walking, and we really didn't want to head into the wind to get back, we called a cab to take us back to the supermarket. No flies on us. ;>) Robin was right. We both needed the exercise - but we didn't need to freeze our noses off.

At home, we prepared and ate dinner, and then I sat down and wrote 2,109 words. Just like that. Maybe it was so easy today because I'm still riding on the high from yesterday, or maybe it was because I had an idea for a scene in my head already, or maybe it was because I didn't wait until I was really tired to start writing.

Whatever it was, I'm grateful for it, because now my word count is up to 33,603.


AngelMay said...

Woo Hoo! Good for you!

Karen said...

I always feel more energized after a good walk. The bracing weather may have served to awaken you, too. Good for you!

Sandra Leigh said...

Good morning, Angel May. Good morning, Karen. Thank you, and I wonder what today will bring. The wind is just a'howlin' out there, at the moment. In all likelihood, there won't be a walk today, but it's early yet. Maybe our weather will do its famous complete turnaround by this afternoon.

AngelMay said...

The wind was SO howling last night here - I was glad I had put up a string of "happy lights" in my bedroom. They seem to have warded off the evil wind spirits because it's fairly calm this morning.

John Hayes said...

Thanks! I was on the road most of yesterday, so I'm just catching up. Reya is such a good photographer, but I like your night shots too, especially the second one.

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