Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday - BetterU - and more

These are my feet, resting from one obsession, subject of another - but wait -

1. First things first. Ahem. This morning's weigh-in:

Late May: X plus 6.0 lbs.
June 1: X
June 15: X minus 3.4 lbs.
June 24: X minus 6.2 lbs.
June 30: X minus 8 lbs.
July 7: X minus 10.1 lbs.

(Hold for applause)

I measured my blood pressure at the pharmacy, but the machine was behaving a bit oddly. It took three tries to get the thing to work at all. Then it said my BP was 142/76 and my heart rate was 67. Holy crap. So I did it again. 129/74, heart rate 69. Well, that's some improvement, but still not at my normal levels. So either the machine was malfunctioning, or that third cup of coffee today was a big mistake - but hey, I didn't even drink it all. Next week, I'll use a different machine.

Joshilyn Jackson is the one who invited me to this fitness orgy. You can follow her progress with BetterU at her blog, Faster Than Kudzu or at the official BetterU website (click on the GoRed icon in my sidebar).

2. Rebecca Woodhead of From Brain to Bookshelf - My Writing Journey has been campaigning for Ms Twitter UK. Rebecca's original goal was to be the top UK writer in the competition, and she succeeded. She really got into the spirit of things after a while, and decided to try to make the Top 20. We didn't quite get her there, but now those 20 celebrity finalists are gone, and it's (mostly) real people in the competition, so the voting goes on. You can vote every 20 minutes at the Twitterwall. You don't have to be a Twitterer to vote. Please - Vote early. Vote often. N.B. Tonight, for some reason, Rebecca's photo has disappeared from the wall - but her name and link are still there. As of this minute, she is at #15. I hope her photo will reappear soon - but if not, just click on the plus sign in the square that's labeled @rebeccawoodhead.

3. Liza of Lizabee and Co. gave me an award - my choice of two, in fact. I decided to take the Your Blog is F***ing Fabulous award. I tried, that is, but Liza's blog wouldn't let go of it. "Function disabled", it said. Fine. Officially, the award is right back there, behind the screen. You can't see it, because I've discreetly covered it, to preserve my blog's Family designation.

Thank you, Liza. By the way, it is a distinct pleasure to click on Liza's blog and be greeted by her baby feet photo. That is what inspired the (less cute, I grant you) photo at the top of this entry.

The award requires that I list five things that I've been obsessing about lately. Okay. The first two are rather obvious.

1. My weight.

2. Rebecca Woodhead's quest for fame and fortune through the Ms. UK Twitter competition. Rebecca says she doesn't regard me as a stalker. Heh.

3. Nordic walking poles.

4. Walking (maybe a bit too much. That may be why I've been so exhausted the last few days - that and the 4:30 a.m. alarm).

5. My camera.

Hmmmm. It occurs to me that I can't pass the award on, because I don't actually have it. Hey, Liza! Help!

I have two days off now, so after I sleep As Long As I Want, I'll pop over to Liza's again, to see if the award has come unstuck. ;>)


Anonymous said...

Okay Ms Sandra....CONGRATULATIONS!!!

First for the weight loss - am I reading that correctly - you lost 10 pounds in 1 week??? And 8 pounds the previous week? WOW! That is crazy!

Second...VERY cool, funny award! Well deserved! I could just see the corner of it behind the screen, so I am anxiously awaiting its presence on your post!

Sandra Leigh said...

no, no - 10 lbs. since June 1, not July 1. :>) Holy crow. Not on a starvation diet - just being sensible, I hope.

John Hayes said...

Congrats Sandra-- so glad your fitness program is going well!

Do you mean there could be something wrong with three large cups of coffee in the morning? (he asked, finishing his third cup)

John Hayes said...

Oh, & congrats on the award too!

Sandra Leigh said...

Thanks, John. Yes, for me there is something wrong with anything more than two cups a day. My mind loves the idea, but my body gets the heebie-jeebies.

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