Monday, July 06, 2009

Husbanding the energy

such as it is -

...wandering over to United Kingdom Twitterwall every 20 minutes or so, to vote for Rebecca Woodhead - the competition ends in 15 hours or so. Rebecca is 40th on the Ms Twitter page. Hugh Laurie is 43rd on Mr Twitter. I'd say Rebecca is doing great, but she's trying to get into the top 20.

...listening to U-Carmen on Bravo - billed as "Smashing update of Bizet's 19th-century opera "Carmen", set in a modern-day South African shantytown where a fiery seductress (Pauline Malefane) sinks her claws into a pious policeman (Andile Tshoni). Their passionate affair leads to heartbreak." I have such a soft spot for tenors.

...looking at the notes I made during the last couple of days, poembryos -

shed my skin, snake-like
shed you and begin anew

the words flowed like water over rocks,
some in shadow,
some glistening
dancing in the sunlight

across white-capped oceans
carrying the venom of fear

Let's dance across
the white-capped ocean,
over the waves of fear,
to a new shore.

Your hand in mine,
we'll twirl...

The words are barely legible, but eventually they may become something. I also noted that Wally Lamb has a new book out - The Hour I First Believed. I have a soft spot for Wally Lamb. I wonder if he's a tenor.

Later...The Wizard of Oz is on - Watching/listening to the Cowardly Lion still makes me break out in a big, sappy grin.


Liza said...

Lovely, poem. The scarecrow is my favorite. BTW, tag you're it. I left a little something for you on my blog.

Reya Mellicker said...

Who wouldn't have a soft spot for someone named Wally Lamb? What a name!

Carmen was one of our childhood favorites. We used to dance around to it, doing a fake flamenco.

John Hayes said...

Let those lines take you when you can. Funny, I've been in a bit of an "Oz" mood lately, but haven't indulged it yet.

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, Liza - I went over to your blog and decided on Award #2. I couldn't take it with me, because your blog wouldn't let go of it - but I'll follow the instructions anyway.

Reya, do you know Wally Lamb? He wrote She's Come Undone and I Know This Much Is True. Wonderful stuff, especially She's Come Undone.

John, I'll do just that. As for Oz, I'm not sure whether it's Oz I love or Bert Lahr - or the Cowardly Lion character. Whatever it is, I think I should have a video clip of "If I Only Had The Noive" on hand at all times, to counter the blues.

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