Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Special Edition - The Rebecca Woodhead Ms Twitter UK Campaign

Rebecca's excitement is contagious. She has been nominated for Ms Twitter UK, and over the last day or so she has made great strides in the vote count. I would ask that you hop on over to tweeterwall and cast your vote or votes for Rebecca, so that she can prevail over dozens of Tweeters that those of us who don't live in the UK have never, ever heard of. ;>) Tell 'em Sandra sent you.


John Hayes said...

Hi Sandra:

I still don't really get Twitter-- seems like you're enjoying it-- any thoughts now you've done it for awhile?

Sandra Leigh said...

It has its moments. I'm getting breaking news there, getting notice when fellow-ette or rebecca, etc. has a new post up...mostly it's an information thing, as opposed to Facebook, which I find intrusive.

Sandra Leigh said...

By the way, you don't have to be on Twitter to vote for Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

I am on Twitter but I never use it. I find that I have to have my cell phone on at all times, which I never do. Twitter would work better for me if it was on my laptop. But then I would get no work done - blogger takes up enough time! Sheesh! Modern technology!

Sandra Leigh said...

Audrey, you should see me now. I'm trying to help Rebecca Woodhead win Ms UK Twitter, which entails voting for her every twenty minutes or so. I had to take some time off to sleep but the battle is on again at and I'm there. Twitter is evil. ;>)

Rebecca Woodhead said...

I can't believe you put this up. Thanks so much! I'm exhausted. Today's felt like a literary stand-up routine. Writing haikus and six word stories to order is hard work when you know people are waiting.

There are publishers following though. They've sent little notes of encouragement. I've even had celebrities sending little messages urging me on.

I've become the 'nerd vote.' I've taken my lead from my followers who seem keen for me to battle through models etc using brains alone. People have been so supportive and it's great fun. It looks like I'm now in the top 2 UK writers on twitter in this competition. I'm certainly in the top 5.

Thanks again. Must rest. Arms are falling off. :)


this is the link -

Sandra Leigh said...

Happy to be part of the team, Rebecca. I just went for my one-hour walk, came straight in to vote. You've almost made it to page one!

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