Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday "Home" Town Photo Shootout -

Coming to you from the Christina Lake, B.C. Outpost

Note: I wrote this post yesterday (Thursday) and tried to post it, but my internet connection wasn't good. It was horrid, in fact. It took me two hours just to post the post I wrote saying "I'd like to post some photos, but I can't" or words to that effect. So - now, I'm in Missoula, Montana, asking you to cast your mind back to yesterday, when my "home" was Christina Lake, B.C.


The Turtle is on the move, you see, and tonight (Thursday) we are staying in an RV park behind the Christina Lake Motel. We are going to try for Butte, Montana tomorrow, but I don't know whether we'll get that far (692 km/400-odd miles), and I don't know whether I'll have wi-fi there, so I thought I'd post some photos from Christina Lake, instead.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get a space in any of the lovely, treed, shady RV parks right down by the lake, so we're sitting up here in the balcony, as it were, in the park with no shade at all. The sun has moved along far enough that our outside thermometer is no longer in direct sunlight, so I checked it a few minutes ago. 32 Celsius. That's, um, (32X 1.8) +32 = 89.6 F.

We had dinner (store-bought roasted chicken and a big salad), then headed for the pool, which was blessedly cool. Then I came back to the RV, checked to see what tomorrows Shootout theme was - and figured I could handle that. So I went for a walk. That left me with a big question in my mind.


Stymied, I walked around the motel in front of the RV park, and I finally found some odd objects. This is an ash tray. It's full of sand. That's how I know it's an ash tray.

and this, it appears, is a combination ash tray and notice board, with a bit of garbage can thrown in. It looks to me like a baby change table, recycled.

The rest of what surrounded the motel was pretty mundane - RVs, picnic tables, the pool - but these bits of homemade kitsch were just what I needed to see.


Anonymous said...

Bravo to you! Thanks for posting, even in adverse conditions. You rock, girl! I enjoyed the commentary most of all.


Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, Gordon. I live to post, or so it seems. I get quite cranky if I can't get connected.

John Hayes said...

I often ask myself the pink flamingo question. It's going to be brutally hot around these parts this weekend--probably a bit cooler over in Montana & Wyoming, but certainly not cool by any stretch.

The notice board/baby changing table is something; loved your comment on the ashtray.

Sandra Leigh said...

As you say, John, that changing table is something. I'm not sure what, but it's something. Hey. I was outside a motel at Christina Lake, and it was really, really hot outside.

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