Monday, March 17, 2008

Sure enough, when we pulled out of the RV park this morning and drove toward the IGA to get some supplies, there was the Whitney rig coming toward us. We all pulled over, I gave Roger back his walkie-talkie, and we exchanged horror stories about yesterday's adventures. I think they were at Pizza Hut in Ajo while we were checking in at La Siesta Motel. They stayed at another park in town. Having reassured ourselves that we were all okay, we parted ways. I think they're headed directly north, to take Terry home to Idaho before they go home.

As for us, scratch Quartzite. We're in Kingman, AZ again, at the terribly expensive KOA campground. Tomorrow we'll go through Las Vegas and try to get to Beatty, NV. Yippee! I can stock up on the best honey I've ever tasted, and both Robin and I can have a dip in the mineral spring.

We gave Maggie her head today, by the way. We keyed in the address of the KOA, selected "shortest distance", and followed Maggie's instructions. She took us down some very interesting roads, but they were all good, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Robin was a little concerned at first, because some of the roads weren't on his map, but he did as he was told, and here we are. I remember that on the way down, Maggie got a little confused once we were south of Gila Bend, so we didn't actually set the co-ordinates until after that. Before next year's trip, I want to get the Mexico chip. I suspect that Maggie really thinks that Ajo is in Mexico, and that's why she gets lost there.

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