Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I have now been officially cured of any desire I might ever have had to tour the Copper Canyon. Caroline came back with stories of riding in the right-side passenger seat of a car being driven along a single-lane road with a rock face on the left and a 4-5,000 foot drop on the right. The road, she said, was eroded in places, and there was no shoulder at all - and no guard rail. No thank you very much.

The guys have gone diving and kayaking again. I took the bus into Guaymas this morning - for the second time in two days. I get this way as our time here grows short. I want to do everything at once. I want to hang around at the market and listen to the Spanish and drink coffee and try some new treat (coyota, that's the treat of the week. It's a big tough pastry with a bit of molasses in the middle - bigger than an old-fashioned sugar cookie, but not nearly as sweet. I liked it).

I had planned to serve fish tonight, but while I was in town, the fish man came and went, so I decided we should do 2/1 night at Froggy's Pizza tonight. Chantal is up for it, and Joyce and Stan are planning to be there. Russell came by, looking for the menfolk, so I told him of my plans. He says his girlfriend, Alicia, has a class that lets out at 7 pm, so we'll meet at Froggy's just after 7 o'clock. I'll tell Robin and the other guys when they get home. I think we've got ourselves a party!

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