Saturday, October 06, 2012

We won!

Well, I'm using the term "we" rather loosely here.  We (Robin and I) attended a football game with David and Sheila; their local team [Verwood] won; we were told in no uncertain terms which team to support, and support them we did. Another fan suggested after the game that David should bring his Canadian relatives around more often. Apparently we brought the team good luck. We were in Cranborne, Dorset. While the men played football, I half watched the game, half looked over the heads of the players at the lovely, rolling countryside.

The sky was as beautiful as the forest .
well -- almost as beautiful.
Before the game began, I took a walk around the village; the leaves were beginning to change colour, but I found a cottage garden that still clung to summer. The nights are cool now, so perhaps we will have a chance to see autumn arrive in its full splendour before we leave England.

Yes, it was that kind of party.
After the game, we went to David and Sheila's for a Leigh-extended-family party. I'm tired, but I'm still grinning. I had a wonderful time.


Linda said...

Lovely family - enjoyed the flowers! It's been a wonderful trip and vacation....

tinks said...

We love that kind of party! Oh that conversation on even song at Winchester Cathedral still makes me feel goose bumpy! : )

The Bug said...

Looks like a good time - and I'm glad you brought luck to the team!

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