Thursday, October 04, 2012

From the ferry
It was not too dim!

In fact, the sun was shining, the temperature was just right for walking; it was a perfect day to go to the Isle of Wight, so that is what we did. (We didn't rent a cottage, though.) We have taken several long walks on the island in years past. Now, we've scaled down our ambitions, but we still want to feel the sun on our heads and smell the ocean.
Shanklin, IOW 

Accordingly, we drove from Lyndhurst to Lymington, took the IOW Ferry to Yarmouth, the #7 bus to Newport, and the #2 bus to Shanklin. We stopped for lunch in a lovely restaurant on the beach. Then we walked from Shanklin to Sandown (an hour) along the promenade, caught the #8 bus to Newport, the #7 bus to Yarmouth, the IOW Ferry back to Lymington; then we drove into Lymington Town Centre, picked up the makings of a cold supper, and drove home to Lyndhurst.
The chine

Robin at the luncheon spot
The Isle of Wight is a beautiful, romantic place, a happy place. Fortunately, I had remembered not only my camera, but all its accoutrements, so I could take photographs. After the first half hour, I stopped taking a picture every ten feet. I think Robin was grateful.

 The tide was high enough that waves splashed up onto the promenade at times. It was fresh and exciting, and I'm so glad we decided to seize the day.

So, here we are, snug (and smug) in our room, very happy to be sitting down -- especially so because after a glorious day, it rained while we were shopping in Lymington. We have heard that tomorrow promises to be wet, so we're planning on taking in a movie in Southampton, provided that there are matinees on Fridays.

But first, we will try to stay awake long enough to watch the new Red Dwarf, which is coming on at 9:00 p.m., half an hour from now. We can but try.

me in front, St. Boniface Down in the background
I almost hate to have the television on, because for some reason, the church bells at St. Michael's are going berserk. They've been pealing away merrily for well over half an hour, now. I can't see any lights in the nave, or anywhere but in the bell tower. Robin suggests that Quasimodo has found his way to Lyndhurst.


Kat Mortensen said...

I have a cousin who lives on the I.O.W. - Sandown. My aunt used to live there too, but she passed away last year.

It's a beautiful spot!

The Bug said...

I've been trying to figure out what I.O.W. stood for. Head desk. Ha!

Looks like a lovely day! You guys sound like we do - a bit of a ramble is entirely enough for us these days.

Linda said...

Sounds like a lovely day in the Sun. Good to get your Vitamin D. Great photos by the way.

Enjoy the matinee if they have one....

Quasimodo made me laugh, did the bells ever stop?

Sandra Leigh said...

Yes, Linda. The bells did stop maybe half an hour after I wrote that. I think perhaps they were training someone to ring them, but I'm not sure. As for the matinee, our plans changed. I couldn't see Robin sitting through the Meryl Streep movie that I want to see, and we had a sunny window this morning, so we went somewhere else (see tonight's post, which should be up in a bit).

Kat Mortensen said...

@Bug - Isle of Wight

Kat Mortensen said...

Not to be confused with I.O.U.!

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