Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Day Off

Today was another family day. We didn't go to visit any cathedrals or cities, or do anything exciting, really -- just climbed into the car and went to Hythe in the rain, had a good long (and happy) chat, and came home in the rain. That being the case, I decided to take the day off from blogging. I mean, really, how much do you folks want to know about a day like that?

Then it occurred to me that this might be the time to display some photographs that didn't make it into the posts of the days on which they were taken (and probably some that did, but which I've forgotten posting).

So here goes:

First of all, here us one of the bridges
that we encountered along the canal.
The thing about these bridges is that they seem big when you're crossing them, but when you approach them in a boat, they appear to shrink, so that by the time you get to them, they're about the size of a can of soup. You may also notice that on one side, the tow path pokes out from the wall, giving you one more obstacle to avoid.
I seem to have a thing for reflections.

These poor horses were as wet as we were, but they had no central heating out in the field.

So were these guys, but they didn't seem to mind.


St. Michael (Coventry Cathedral)


Rugby School

Rugby High Street (pedestrian mall)

Captain Robin

What a lovely day that was.

Driving in the New Forest is always an adventure

In St. Michael's Churchyard, Lyndhurst

And finally, this little video I shot on the Isle of Wight. I could have stood and watched the water for hours.


The Bug said...

LOL at your description of the bridge - I would probably be freaking out & driving Mike crazy as he tried to steer through it :)

Captain Robin reminds me of my uncle Bob - same hair, nose & chin. Don't suppose he's related to any Foxes?

Sandra Leigh said...

Not that I know of, Dana, but I'll ask him. By the way, did the video work for you? It seems to work half the time for me.

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