Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I Blue?

Well, yes, apparently. My mind is following my body, and my body is following my mind down, down, down into the centre of my own personal, possibly viral tornado. Someday this will pass. Meanwhile, I've been told by family and friends that they miss my blogging. I responded that I really had nothing to say, but they didn't care. My husband claimed he had no idea what he had been doing for the past few weeks, because I hadn't documented it.

"But, but, all I'm doing is working and sleeping."


I sighed.

Yesterday, though Jane and I went out during the afternoon and did some shopping, which livened me up, as our expeditions always do. Then we came home, and Jane went to fetch Franco. Robin had made prawn curry. Jane and Franco brought over some crab that a mutual friend had caught on the weekend and delivered to their house. It had been cooked and flash-frozen. All I had to do with the crabs was put them into a pot of cold, salted water and bring it to a boil. Presto! Fresh crab! So that's what we did -- we all feasted on crab followed by prawn curry. Oh, my. It's a good thing I had recently re-labeled myself a "flexetarian" instead of a vegetarian, because I dug in with abandon (and a fork). Soon I was up to my wrists in crab meat and feeling pretty good -- not blue at all.

Tonight, it occurred to me that staying away from Blogland isn't just annoying my family and friends and making me feel worthless. It's also cutting me off from resources that could actually help me get my bearings by providing ready-made topics -- like Theme Thursday, Friday Photo Shootout, the Poetry Bus, etc. -- so here I am, hopping on the Theme Thursday wagon early, because this week's theme (Blue) just seems so apt.

So. Am I Blue? Yes. Will I always be blue?  God, I hope not. I'm hoping to emulate my son's ex-girlfriend, who told me that she gets depressed, but it never lasts very long because she has a short attention span. "I go 'Oh, my, Boo-hoo,'" she said, "and a minute later I go 'Oh, look! A shiny thing!' and it's all over. I can't stay depressed because I'm too easily distracted."

On that note, as it were, here is my musical contribution to the theme:

Happy Theme Thursday, everybody.Better early than never.  ;>)


Karen said...

Welcome back, Sandra! You have been missed! My mother has been perpetually blue. She's gotten better as she's losing her marbles, if that's any consolation! ;-)

Seriously, though, I think if you make yourself plunge back into your regular activities, you will eventually get caught up in the rhythm of living and begin to find joy in it again. I certainly hope so.

AngelMay said...

I'm also glad to see you back, Sandra. My poor blog posts languish with no comments from you :)

But seriously, I'm beginning to think that, to avoid the blues, you need to stay busy with something - but not too busy with too many things. We all need down time when we are free to do absolutely nothing at all. Frankly, I love doing absolutely nothing at all. And if you think that's easy just try it. ;o)

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, Karen. There's nothing like a giggle to start the day. My commiserations to your mom!

Angel May, I know you're right, I really do. Finding that middle road is the challenge. I tend to swing from one extreme to the other. Are your blog posts really languishing? Somehow I doubt that. I'll go see. I bet they're doing just fine.

RA said...

What a refreshing TT contribution! Thanks for being back! Haven't ben here before, but I'll certainly visit from now on. :)

The Bug said...

I had wondered where you were! I think just sticking your toe in the water is a good start - & I love this post!

Brian Miller said...

hey there. long time no see. hope those blues wash right away. know mine would if i ate crabs...

Sandra Leigh said...

Thanks, RA. Welcome to The Turtle.

Hiya, Bug -- I keep sticking my toe in, then jumping out again. I'm thinking of sticking myself to the laptop. Velcro, maybe?

Brian, I think crab in the shell should be marketed as a mood elevator. I think it stimulates the limbic brain or something.

PattiKen said...

This my first visit, but I enjoyed your writing. And the crabs sounded good too!

Sandra Leigh said...

Pattiken, the crabs were delicious. Welcome to The Turtle!