Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still in Isla Aguada

One more day here.

First thing this morning, I put on my bathing suit and walked down to the edge of the lagoon, determined to go for a swim. I was walking over broken shells as I got to the water, but they gave way shortly to sand, so that part was okay. But the water wasn't as lovely as I expected it to be. It wasn't cold, but it also wasn't clear. It seemed very murky to me, and it just didn't appeal at all, so I turned around and walked out again. There's a cold shower right near the entrance to the beach, so I settled for that. So, for my personal record, I have at least put my feet in the lagoon that''s connected (at the bridge) to the Gulf of Mexico.

After I spent an hour or so sitting outside, reading, I took a proper (hot) shower while Robin went for a bike ride. He came back a few minutes later, knocked on the door, and said "Bring a plastic bag." "What kind?" "The kind to hold some fish." I opened the door and there he stood, holding three fish. He claimed that he just put out his hands and they jumped in, but I didn't believe him. It turned out that he had been down the beach and had bought them from a fisherman who was there, cleaning his catch. So it seems we're having a fish fry tonight.

We had a short discussion today about what we should do now. We did plan to go all the way to Cancun, taking in Chichen Itza and Tulum along the way, but neither of us is doing well in this heat. I get up early, go outside for a little while, until it gets to be too hot, which doesn't take long, then retreat into the RV (or, as now, into the shade of an unfamiliar tree), and wait for it to get cool enough that I can stand to venture out. We are no longer seeing anything of the towns we're visiting. I have no interest in taking in the public market - unless they'll hold it at dawn or sunset. We aren't getting much exercise at all, and I, at least, don't feel well. It reminds me of summers in Ontario, when I used to sit on the sofa, not moving, just trying to breathe. Robin is a little better than I am at making the best of it, but that is what he's doing.

Hmmm. I seem to be thinking this through online. We left the final decision until this afternoon, but I think I'll vote for heading north tomorrow. Robin suggested we might spend some time in southern Texas, but for me, just going north in Mexico until we're out of the tropics would probably make all the difference.

I feel like a party pooper.


Debbie said...

We saw Chichen Itza in December and it was great. But hot.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Gawd, heat and humidity can just do you in! I lived in So Louisiana and there were times I just felt sick after having to be out in that thick wet heat!

Sandra Leigh said...

Debbie, Kathryn - Exactly. That's why we decided to turn around and head north. We've decided it was a really good decision. We have sea level blood, but it's Canadian sea level blood. We think it's hot when it gets up to 75F!

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