Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's an in-between day, a neither-here-nor-there day. I'm here, of course, in Catemaco, but we'll be leaving tomorrow, so I haven't really taken root.

First thing this morning, we had to drive up the road to yet another tire shop. One of our brand-new tires was virtually flat. I think the gauge read five pounds. Fortunately, it was the outside left rear tire, so we could drive a bit, slowly, without doing any damage. The inside tire held our weight. When we got to the shop, there was a bit of a problem, because they didn't seem to have the right socket to fit our lug nuts. (Does that sound racy to you?) Anyway, they did eventually manage to get the tire off and submerge it in soapy water, so now it's nice and clean - but there were no leaks in it. They put it back and filled it up with air for us. Life is full of mystery.

After that, I went down the street to shop for breakfast and dinner supplies, then made breakfast and started the spaghetti sauce for tonight's (very good, if I do say so myself) dinner. I did some more scrubbing, then figured I had earned a few hours of internet immersion, so that's what I did.

I tried to check out the newest Found Poetry entry, but something is wrong with their website. I've gotten nothing but error messages all afternoon when I've tried to connect. It's a measure of the subversive nature of that site that when the error message came up, I found myself wondering if there was a poem hidden in there.

I also learned about a new (new to me, that is) poetic form, the ghazal (See the comments to last night's post). John Hayes - of Robert Frost's Banjo - mentioned it, and I found it online. It makes my brain hurt, but one of these days I think I'll try writing one. I am drawn to couplets, and a ghazal is full of couplets.

Speaking of Robert Frost's Banjo, there's a very interesting post there about the history of children's literature. The blog is listed over here. --------------->

So. Tomorrow we leave for Villa Hermosa. We had heard that the RV park there was closed, but today we did some Googling and found a blog (Croft's Mexico) written by a man who seems to be a few weeks ahead of us on a similar odyssey. He stayed in that camp (Recreativo el Gordo y San Pancho) just a month ago, so perhaps we will have a place to sleep tomorrow - though no internet on site, from what he says.

When next I write, it will probably be from the restaurant beside the Wal-Mart in Villa Hermosa.


Debbie said...

How great that you have found that site where the man is a little ahead of you! I say always send someone ahead to scout things out - even if you don't know them:)

John Hayes said...

Found Poetry Project seems to be up & at 'em this morning. Thanks for the RFB plug!

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi, Debbie - yes, I´m planning to have a good look through the ¨Croft´s Mexico¨¨ blog as soon as I have my own internet access. Everything is so much easier on your own computer!

And John - I´m glad to see Found Poetry back.

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