Monday, February 23, 2009

Part 2 - No estamos en Mexico. We're in Texas!

We are, in fact, in a town called Alamo, near Harlingen. We got here several hours ago, and I've been glued to my laptop ever since, trying to catch up on blogs, discovering that I've won yet another book over at Stone Soup (, thought seriously about looking up the location of RV parks between here and Austin.

Last year, we sat for five hours at the border crossing (Sonoyta, Sonora/Lukeville, AZ) waiting for all the Spring Break revelers to get across the border. Today, we came to the crossing at Puente de los Indios, which was not on our map, and we waited perhaps ten minutes in line. Our RV did have to be searched, and I did have to give up my one remaining potato, since apparently potatoes are forbidden to cross the border. Otherwise, it was a very easy, even pleasant, crossing. The border guards kindly looked at my map book and showed me approximately where we were, which was very helpful. When we drove up from La Pesca, we turned off Hwy. 101 at Hwy. 53, which was not on our map, but which went in the right general direction (north, to come out somewhere between Reynosa and Matamoros). Sure enough, it did.

We saw nothing of any civil disturbance at the border, contrary to rumours.

Tomorrow, or within a day or two, we will head for Austin, via San Antonio. In the meantime, I'm holed up in the common room of an Over 55 RV park full of pool players, card sharks, and general ne-er-do-wells. It's really quite relaxing, sitting here blogging to the sounds of laughter, the racking of balls, the grumbling of curmudgeonly card players.

While I was driving today, I had an idea. I was thinking of that meme that's spreading on Facebook - and everywhere else, it seems - the 25 Random Things meme. Given my recent unpleasant experience in Mexico, I'm going to compile a list of 25 Random Things about Mexico for tomorrow's post. Positive and negative, personal and general, just 25 things. It may help me to put the last couple of weeks in perspective.

Meanwhile, I'm content to be in Texas.


John Hayes said...

Sheesh, what a day-- the traffic ticket thing sounds quite brutal; will look forward to your list.

John Hayes said...

Wow, sounds like it was time to head north. Will be interested to read the 25 things about Mexico post.

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