Friday, September 28, 2012

Napton windmill

One last night aboard the Monaco

September 28, 2012

I chickened out. I didn’t climb back up to St. Lawrence Church today. I did look at it from a distance, though, when Robin and I walked into the village. We went to the local grocery store and asked after train schedules, bus schedules, taxi companies – because tomorrow we will need to get from here to Lyndhurst, Hampshire, and that is no simple matter. At this point, it appears that we will get a taxi from the boatyard to the high street of  Napton, a bus from there to Leamington, and a train from Leamington to Southampton. We should be able to get a train from Southampton to Lyndhurst. While I have wi-fi at The Bridge, I will try to firm up plans for the far end of the trip.

And speaking of The Bridge, I'm there now, having a glass of lemonade. And while I'm here, I should introduce you to Archie, who is the pub's mascot. He's quiet, but somehow I can't forget about him. That could be because he's staring right at me. I chose my seat for its adjacent electrical outlet, and it wasn't until I turned around that I saw my neighbour. We've come to an understanding.

As usual, just as I’m beginning to feel at home on the boat, it’s time to leave it. I wonder whether there will be a radio in our hotel room, so that I can turn Classic FM on in the morning and leave it on all day, the way I do on the boat. I wonder what I’ll be eating for lunch and dinner. I understand that being a vegan in the New Forest is not easy, unless you like living on chips. This will be a challenge. I’ll bet I can find a salad here and there, and maybe even a veggie pasty. The Manor House will provide a vegan breakfast for me, and they do have a proper restaurant. Perhaps,  if I ask nicely, they’ll prepare vegan dinners for me, too.
Approaching Napton

A little something extra, just for Michael
Meanwhile, life will be about packing and schlepping – and then more schlepping. I’ll report in when we’re safely settled in our hotel room. I hear there’s wi-fi in every room. Woo-hoo!


The Bug said...

Good luck on all your schlepping!

Linda said...

Love your fellow at the Pub, He only had eyes for you, from the looks of it.

Good luck schlepping along by taxi, bus and train, enjoy and hunt down the mighty vegan foods.

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