Sunday, September 30, 2012

Calshot Castle
Out and About in Hampshire

David and Sheila picked us up this morning and took us out for the day. We drove to Calshot, one of our favourite haunts. Robin and I both love walking out there. I  tend to have a camera attached to my face much of the time. Robin loves watching the ships coming in and out of Southampton.

Although David and Sheila had been to Calshot before, they hadn't been inside the recreation centre. The centre makes use of an aircraft hangar that once housed flying boats.

At one end, there is a cycle track; at the other, children slide down ski hills in inner tubes or on sleds. In the centre, there are climbing walls of various heights, some of which are dizzying. All four of us watched the children playing and started talking about our various grandchildren and how much they would love the place.

When we left the recreation centre, the wind had got up and it was turning cool, so we climbed into the car and set off without any firm destination. Then somebody mentioned Lepe, so off we went toward Lepe, down a road that I think was a new one to all of us. All of a sudden, there was a lighthouse. David had to pull over and let me get out. I managed not to get run over, and I got this shot.

Eventually, we fetched up at the Green Dragon Pub near Cadnam. There, we had a fabulous dinner. Mine was a wild mushroom and asparagus pie, with roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, turnips (swedes, says Sheila), carrots, and broccoli in side dishes.

Oh, yes, and there was the pecan tart.

Several pounds heavier, we're back at the hotel now, having had a wonderful day.


Linda said...

Lovely lighthouse and great sounding supper.

The Bug said...

Wow your dinner sounds fabulous! I bought fresh mushrooms yesterday, and a bag of baby spinach. I plan on making some sort of pasta something with them - although we will add chicken to ours.

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