Sunday, January 15, 2012

Texas is really, really big, you know.

We slept in Arizona last night, didn't we? Well, we crossed New Mexico in short order (just a little corner of it, really). We came into Texas at around two o'clock this afternoon, I think. I have to rely on R for that information, as he was driving and I was having a nap. He drove through El Paso, then woke me up for my shift. We looked at the map, thought maybe we could get as far as Fort Stockton, then thought better of it as the day wore on. We've stopped at the Eagle's Nest RV Park in Van Horn, Texas. I haven't seen any eagles, but then again, I've been busy making dinner, eating, and getting set up for the night.

According to Maggie the GPS, we are about 462 miles from our destination. I say "about" because Maggie was made before my sister's neighbourhood was, so I've had to approximate. One of these days, I really must get around to buying the latest software! I don't know where we got the idea that we could make this trip in a week to ten days -- wishful thinking, I guess. Today is day 10, and we still have a full day ahead of us. If we leave early tomorrow morning, we should be pulling up at my sister's place by about five o'clock in the evening.

We sincerely hope that, somewhere between here and Austin, we will get down below four thousand feet elevation and STAY THERE. We got all excited, earlier today, when we found ourselves at 3,800 feet, but the next thing we knew, we were climbing again, and here in Van Horn we are at 4,112 feet. It's just not fair. But it will pass, right? Meanwhile, I can console myself with a little Texas music.

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The Bug said...

Texas IS big! I hope you're almost to your destination by now :)

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