Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sandra Proposes...

This is what I saw when I went for my little walk last night -- a beautiful California sunset.

When I woke  up this morning, I thought I had slept in, because the sun was up already -- but no, it was  7:30. It's just that we had come far enough south to make at least a half hour's difference in the sun's rising time.

The plan was to go to Corning, visit the Olive Pit (one of my favourite places), then proceed to  Bakersfield, where we would make up our minds what route to take from there.

So much for plans. We spent five minutes in the Olive Pit at Corning -- long enough for me to snap a couple of photos and buy pepperoncini, olives stuffed with garlic, almonds, and pistachios.

(Oh, and by the way, I had been reading about pepperoncini on Facebook, but I had never tasted them until today.)

Oh, pepperoncini, where have you been all my life? 

Then we went to the next rest stop, where we ate brunch and changed plans completely. We didn't go to Bakersfield. We took the next exit from the I-5 and drove along Hwy 20 and Hwy 63, which took us to I-80, over the Donner Pass (7.200 feet +) and on to Reno, where we are currently sitting, not hooking our water hose up -- because the warm weather we enjoyed last night is but a distant memory.

On the other hand, the wi-fi connection is infinitely better -- hence the photos, which I'm able to upload in seconds instead of hours.

We're at something called Sparks Marina RV Park, which we found after driving right across Reno on the highway. We were beginning to think we were going to spend the night out in the desert.  Fortunately, Sparks Marina turned out to be neat and clean, if not particularly interesting -- and quite affordable.

R assures me that it is all downhill from here, and that we will soon have our warm weather back. Tomorrow, we will head to Beatty, Nevada, where there is a very unassuming RV park with a hot spring on the property. We do enjoy staying there, swimming in the hot water. The following day, we plan to take a side trip into Death Valley, which we both love. Then we will go out the south end of the valley and proceed toward Texas. At least, that's the plan right now.

And the reason I'm telling you about the next couple of days is that I don't remember having wi-fi in Beatty, so there probably won't be a post tomorrow night -- which is a shame, because I'm kinda gettin' into this! Or -- maybe Beatty has grown since we were there last, and they'll have wi-fi. You never know.

Now, I've sat here for a while, wondering what music I could add that would fit today's post, and I can't come up with a thing -- so I'll just post something I like. No. Something I love.


AngelMay said...

Will keep fingers crossed for your safe arrival back into warm weather.

Sandra Leigh said...

Thanks, AM. I miss it already.

Rachel Fox said...

Wish I was back on the road! Room for stowaways?

Linda said...

had to look up pepperonchini to see what it was.

having traveled the Donner Pass, you didn't feel a need to eat any meat did you? LOL!

sounds like you are being gypsies and that is fun to do. What's the plan? Oh let's go here, hey what about this exit, where will it take us?

Enjoy the desert, haven't been there yet, but its on my list.
hugs from Vermont

AngelMay said...

Linda! You are a hoot! :)

Sandra, I'm sorry you changed your mind and left California. Bakersfield is where L lost his wedding ring in the men's shower facilities and we called as we were driving down the road and they said they had found it and would mail it to our home in WA. We went on to the CA/AZ border in the south of CA and stayed at a very nice RV park where each site was enclosed in oleander bushes for privacy. Why leave such wonderful weather before you have to?

Sandra Leigh said...

Linda, you read my mind. I wasn't hungry (not to mention the vegan thing), so there was no problem. Also no snow, at least not on the road. That helped a lot.

AM-- good question. Basically, R didn't want to drive in So.Calif. traffic -- and as it turned out, I've been enjoying this part of the trip, even though there's no ocean in it.

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