Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not Quite Hawaii

but close. We are in Vancouver. We spent last night playing with the grandbabies, and we will be flying out this evening. I do apologize for my extended absence, but everything suddenly got to be too much for me and I kind of  folded. I went through the motions of everyday life, but I didn't have anything left over. (Come to think of it, I was sick for a while there, wasn't I? Maybe that had something to do with it.)

There was a highlight to this week, though. I went with one of my co-workers  to see "It's Complicated." The theatre was maybe two-thirds full, and all through the movie, there was a wave rolling through the place as most, if not all, the people rocked in their seats, convulsed with laughter. This is the first time in a long time that I can say - the trailer doesn't do the movie justice. The movie is better. Funnier. We came out with stomach aches from laughing so much. Maybe that was when I started coming around.

Or maybe it was when we went to the tanning salon yesterday, then off to Parksville for my de-furring, then to the ferry and Vancouver. Now I have visions of pineapples dancing in my head.

Tonight, I'll sleep in Hawaii.


John Hayes said...

Hey, have a great time! We'll all look forward to reports from the tropics.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh! I was wondering about that movie - whether it would be good or...something else. Glad you laughed and laughed and laughed!

AngelMay said...

Have a good trip, Sandra!

Karen said...

Have a wonderful time! Come back relaxed and refreshed and ready to write!

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