Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Here he is, Robin, celebrating his birthday at The Fox and Hounds (where else?) - where he enjoyed a totally disgusting steak and kidney pie. I mean, it wasn't disgusting to him. He thought it was wonderful, to which I can only say, in the words of Miss Jean Brodie, "For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like."

I, on the other hand, was having a serious Stilton craving, so I ordered a Ploughman's Lunch. This delicious Ploughman's turned out to consist of a green salad, a pickled onion on a bed of Branston pickle,a dill pickle, three thick slices of bread, and an obscene amount of cheese - not just Stilton, but Brie and two kinds of Cheddar. I couldn't finish it all - particularly because I had to save room for dessert - so I wrapped some of the cheese in a napkin and brought it home. Robin ate it on a sandwich today.

I couldn't convince Robin to order dessert, so I  ordered sticky toffee pudding, which arrived with a sparkler in it so that I could sing Happy Birthday. It also came with two spoons, so that we could share it. We did. Shortly afterward, we heard Happy Birthday being sung in another part of the restaurant. It turned out that there were three separate birthday parties going on, all at the same time. Before we left for the night, we made the rounds, to say happy birthday to the other celebrants.

Today, my two days with two sick grandchildren have come home to roost. I hab a code. Just a little one, so far. I'm gargling like crazy and taking Cold FX and keeping my fingers crossed, which last is interfering with my typing. I haven't done any writing yet today, although I have had several writerly thoughts (heh). Oh, I did write a paragraph to go up at Friday Photo Shootouts, as I am the Prompter of the Week.   Now, though, I must go dig out my notebook and write down some of those writerly thoughts.


Karen said...

Habby Birthday do Robin! Hobe the code goes away soon!

John Hayes said...

Happy Birthday, Robin! & take care of that cold!

AngelMay said...

Remind me never to eat out with EITHER of you. (Happy Birthday to Robin, btw)

And you! Take care of yourself! :)

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you, Karen, John, and AngelMay. I'm lying low, staying warm, drinking green tea by the gallon. And AngelMay, if we don't eat out together, I'll never get my fill of Thai food, and that would be a terrible thing!

And thanks, folks. I'll pass on your birthday wishes to Robin, who is threatening to get my cold now. Oh, dear.

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