Friday, March 02, 2012

 One Tired Turtle and The Ancient Practice of Bi-location

It's not quite 5:30 in the morning. We went to sleep early last night, both of us tired from a combination of altitude (We're up over 4,200 feet here) and wind and, of course, eight hours of driving. I woke up wondering what the day had in store, wondering what day it was and whether my sister had to go to work. I rehearsed the first few moves of the day -- walking to the kitchen, making coffee, looking out at the birds on the deck -- and then realized I was tucked up in my bunk over the Turtle's cab, rocking slightly in the wind. Don't get me wrong. I love being in the Turtle -- but at least part of my mind is still in Texas hill country, while my body is nearly seven hundred miles away, in Deming, New Mexico, at the Hitchin' Post RV Park.

We spent yesterday on the I-10. I saw a javelina (wild pig) rooting around near the side of the road. Apart from that, the only memorable moment was when I saw the first of several dust storms bearing down on us (or us on it). So I learned something yesterday. I don't like dust storms.

Our plan for today is to get an early start (not quite this early -- it's still dark. I'm up now only because my moment of disorientation brought me hurtling into wakefulness). We will head northwest, past Phoenix, to some unknown Arizona stopping point.

Perhaps my French press will reappear today. It went into hiding while the Turtle was in San Angelo, and so far it refuses to come out. I can manage with instant coffee, but I suspect that I need to get back into some Turtley habits -- like making coffee in my French press first thing in the morning, climbing up to get the coffee canister from over the dining table, getting the French press out, watching to see when the coffee is ready to be pressed -- to help me pull mind and body together.

Meanwhile, I think I'll make those Welsh cakes I meant to make last night. I was just too tired to manage it, but I feel much better now, and Welsh cakes would make a lovely (one day late) St. David's Day breakfast.


The Bug said...

I'm glad you're on your way. I'm sure your disorientation won't last too long. Hope you find the French press!

John Hayes said...

Oh my, let's indeed hope that the French press shows up--it would be a long drive to Nanaimo with only instant coffee!

I've driven in dust storms in Nevada--it is a thoroughly unpleasant experience, which may be the best thing that can be said for them.

Sandra Leigh said...

Dana, the French press still hasn't surfaced. I'm thinking maybe it's at my sister's house. Ah, well. The instant isn't too bad.

And John --- I take it all back. At least, while it was dusting, it wasn't snowing, as it is here in Oregon.