Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Groundhog and the Turtle

I have it on good authority that the groundhog has seen his shadow and returned to his burrow. The tree outside  my niece's bedroom window didn't get the news. It's begun to bloom, as if Spring were just around the corner. I can understand its confusion. The daytime temperature here has been in the seventies (F) most days -- today being the exception. Today, I'm warming my toes under a patchwork quilt.

It's a universal phenomenon, I gather, that time flies when you're having fun. I did say that I would blog faithfully on this trip, but then I wasn't counting on spending a month in the same place, or on getting so relaxed that I'm quite capable of sitting in the same deck chair all day, just watching the birds at the feeder, waiting for one of these beautiful Texas sunsets. The photo on the right was taken by my lovely niece Mindy, whose love of sunsets borders on obsessive. I am grateful for that obsession.  I've taken quite a few sunset photos since I got here, but of course they're in my camera, and my camera isn't with me right now, so I prevailed upon Mindy to let me post one of her photos.

Mindy had surgery a few days ago, and she needed someone to be with her today, so instead of lazing the day away at my sister's house, I'm lazing it away at Mindy's. The two of us are listening to Pandora while I play here and she explores Pinterest. At some point, I'll bestir myself to make some lunch, and that's about as ambitious as I'll get.

There have been some outings, really there have. We've been to see "The Iron Lady" (Is there an emoticon for that 'waggling fingers in the air' gesture?) and "Hugo" (big Thumbs Up!). My sister and I have visited Mecca (aka the original Whole Foods Market), where I did a little shopping and we had a delicious vegan lunch.

I've had my nails done. Mostly, though, there have been days like today -- when the music has given way to "Big Bang Theory" on Netflix. Something tells me we won't get back to Pandora. That's a shame, because the piece I've linked below (Liszt's Arabesque)  is the sort of thing we were listening to. Oh, well. Sheldon, too, hath charms. We'll stop watching when our bellies get too sore from laughing.Maybe.

*Sunset photo copyright Mindy Brooks 2011


The Bug said...

I'm glad you're having a nice relaxing time - I think that's very important on a vacation!

I really should watch Big Bang Theory sometime :)

Linda said...

What a lovely visit you are having and with lovely sunsets to boot! Enjoy your visit to the fullest and if that means hanging out, that is very NICE!