Friday, April 16, 2010

 Posting from the Land of Nod

This is my current schedule:  work--sleep--work--sleep..(rinse, repeat). My back hurts, but not too much. I am doing the sensible things (chiropractor, muscle relaxers, ice) as necessary, and otherwise practising Mind over Matter. I haven't tried going back to Tai Chi yet (a two-hour class seems like way too much at this point), but I am working, and that's my main concern. I hired somebody to mow the lawn, so it isn't glaring at me every time I look out the window.

I'm still waiting to hear whether our car can be repaired. The appraiser must have seen the look of horror on my face when he said the words "total loss."  He is trying to find a way to keep from writing the (perfectly good, except for that big boo-boo) car off.

Robin seems to have settled in well in England. I thought he was being rather uncommunicative until I found out that he wasn't getting my e-mails. I found that out when he called to ask why I wasn't writing. After we hung up, it occurred to me that my e-mails might be going into his Spam folder. Of course, his phone wasn't turned on when I tried to call him back, so I called his brother and asked him to follow up. Robin does have access to The Turtle, so my posting here will serve a dual purpose. Make that a triple purpose. It may help me get out of my funk, too.

Meanwhile, an Icelandic volcano is spewing stuff into the sky and grounding all the planes in and out of England. I'm still nearly three weeks away from my flight, so I trust it will have settled down by then.

And meanwhile, the dogwoods are out in all their splendour. I drove around town yesterday in the course of work, drinking in the sight of them, glad that my trip to England didn't coincide with dogwood season . I seem to have lost the 10,000 or so photos of dogwoods that used to be in my computer, so I guess a photo session is in order.


AngelMay said...

"Total Loss" is not something you really want to hear, is it? Hope Robin gets the email thing figured out and hope the volcanic spew stops making such an ash out of itself so you can still catch your flight.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about the back and the car. My friend in Dublin was supposed to come here on Tuesday, and she is finally getting out tomorrow (hopefully).

The dogwoods are beautiful here, too, and have you ever seen a redbud? The bark is black and the flowers are magenta. Beautiful.

John Hayes said...

Thanks for the update--always good to hear how things are in your world. Sorry about your injury & the car--hope you can get out & enjoy the spring.

Sandra Leigh said...

AM, I'm afraid Total Loss is the final word. Oh, well. We'll see whether we can buy the salvage back and have the car repaired anyway.

Karen, I'll have to look up redbuds. I'm not sure whether I've seen one.

John, I think my Spring has finally sprung - better late than never.