Saturday, March 06, 2010

Is anybody out there?

First of all, thank you for the comments that I just found in my inbox.  I do appreciate your concern. What finally made me put fingers to keyboard was a call from Angel May, who was seriously worried about me, especially since I hadn't answered her e-mails.

For the last couple of days, as I clawed my way back to the Land of Blog, I've been planning what I would say, but I have no idea what that was, apart from the obvious groveling and apologizing. Now that I'm here, my impulse is to keep the apologizing to a minimum, lest I bore you all to tears.  So -- the short version:

While I was away, my working life got rather complicated, which meant that my sleep patterns got pretty strange, and my emotional state followed suit. In short, I've burned out. I recognize the symptoms because I've done it before, on a much larger scale. I have an unfortunate tendency to bite off more than I can chew and an even more unfortunate unwillingness to acknowledge the problem until I'm turning purple and somebody is performing the Heimlich manouever on me, so to speak.  That's what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks -- choking.

(Can you say Crazy as a Bag of Hammers?)

I'm attempting to counter the stress by doing more Tai Chi  -- which means I have several extra appointments added to my weekly calendar. I am counting on the relaxing quality of Tai Chi to outweigh the stress of the added activity. Hope springs eternal.

Meanwhile, the rest of life goes on, and I have to find a point of balance. I don't want blogging (which, honestly, I enjoy -- usually) to end up on my list of Things I Used to Do, because that list is too long, and I truly miss some of the things on it.  At this point, I have to kind of sidle up to the computer and type a little before the panic sets in, so obviously I'm not going to be writing a daily post right away. All I can say is that I'll get here whenever I can, and I'll try to visit your blogs more often than I write -- I've missed reading about your adventures.

Speaking of reading, though, I've got John Hayes's The Days of Wine and Roses!  It arrived a couple of days ago. I'm sipping at it, glad for the comfort of a familiar voice.

That's it.  Enough wallowing. Hi, everybody - I've missed you.


John Hayes said...

Hi Sandra: Greetings from Wyoming--I'm on a road trip!--sorry to hear things are difficult, but glad to hear news from you. I'd been wondering! Glad, too, that you got the book, & hope you're enjoying it.

Barry said...

Good to see you back. I've just signed up for a repeat of the Tai Chi introductory course because my innate clumsiness and missing so many sessions meant it didn't take the first time around.

Karen said...

I'm just happy to know that you're okay (well, semi-okay). I totally understand that sometimes something has to give. Stay well and take care of yourself.

willow said...

Hey, Sandra, glad to hear you're okay. Hope things look up for you soon. Peace and hugs!

Sandra Leigh said...

Wyoming,John? Ha! Stop in and say hello to my big sister, okay?

Barry, I get the impression that Tai Chi sticking on the first try is rare!

Thank you, Karen and Willow.I'll keep plugging along.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i can say crazy as a bag hammers, but must say have NEVER uttered that string of words before! be well! to uncomplicated lives and work!